City Market, RIP; plus, the truth about the MPLS mayoral race

This week's Skyway News has a couple good bits, first and foremost this well-reported piece on the closing of downtown's only affordable market. Salient passage:

The store's closing may hit people in poverty the hardest. About a third of City Market's customers receive welfare assistance to buy food, Brad Hansen said; without City Market, they'll have no place close to shop, he said.

And this April Fools spoof is the most accurate reporting to date of the Minneapolis mayoral race. To wit:

In a room packed with well-meaning Caucasian liberals, incumbent Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and his challenger, Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin, had a heated exchange over just how much the two agree with each other.

How true! Their one major debate thus far pretty much went like this. In fact, one might view the difference between these two as the difference between old-fashioned vanilla (the status quo DFLer McLaughlin) and soy vanilla (the somewhat new agey Rybak).

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