City Council approves payment to Kenya Montgomery in police excessive force case

City Council approves payment to Kenya Montgomery in police excessive force case
Photo: Dash cam screen shot.

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  • Kenya Montgomery seeking $40k judgement in Mpls police misconduct suit [VIDEO]

    The Minneapolis City Council approved a payment of $40,000 Friday to Kenya Montgomery, a 25-year-old who says he was the victim of excessive police force in north Minneapolis.

    As we reported last week, Minneapolis police officers tried to stop Montgomery for suspicion of firing gun shots on May 31, 2011. Montgomery took off running, but the officers cornered him by a fence near Emerson and Lowry Avenues North.

  • Dash cam footage of the incident shows that Montgomery threw his hands in the air when the squad car pulled up, which his attorney calls a "clear surrender." But several officers still began punching and kicking him before slapping on the handcuffs.

    Montgomery was ultimately convicted of carrying a pistol without a permit, but he sued the officers earlier this year, alleging they violated his civil rights by using unnecessary force. In addition to the $40,000 payment to Montgomery, the City Council also approved $34,000 in fees to Gaskins, Bennett, Birrell & Schupp, the law firm representing him.

    "Hopefully, the Minneapolis Police Department will hold these officers accountable for their use of excessive force on Montgomery," says Andrew Noel, attorney for Montgomery, in an email.

    The City Attorney didn't respond to a request for comment about the case. Here's the video again:

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