Ciresi: I would have totally beat Coleman in election


Even the Democrats can't resist beating up Franken a little bit. It's just too fun to hold back, right? Especially when you are the sore loser.

Mike Ciresi was the other top Democratic contender in the U.S. Senate race, but dropped out. Now he has decided to dig the knife into Minnesota Democrats by kindly reminding them he would have slaughtered Norm Coleman in the general election had they actually trusted him with the job. Told you so! Told you so!

From the Star Tribune:
In an interview Friday, Ciresi said he would have defeated both Franken and Coleman. 
"We would have beat [Coleman] by 10, 12 points," he said, when asked about Coleman's quoted remark this week that any Democrat other than Franken would have defeated him in a bad year for Republicans.
This came after Coleman made the big statement that any Democrat except Franken would have easily beat him in the election

Is anyone backing Franken these days? He's even in the lead and everyone is criticizing him.