Circle Pines is 3rd most perfect suburb in the nation

Circle Pines, seen here, is more perfect than all but two suburbs.
Circle Pines, seen here, is more perfect than all but two suburbs.

Circle Pines has 5,047 people living in it, and one new reason to be proud of itself: It's the third "most perfect" suburb in the United States.

That's according to CNBC, which put out a list of the top 10 desirous city-adjacent towns in America.

In other words, Circle Pines, Minnesota is the third-best place to live if you want to sort of live near a city, while still keeping your distance from minorities and enjoying a short commute to the golf course.

In the rankings, Circle Pines gets props for its public schools, its high level of education, and the number of its residents that work in math and technology-type stuff. Compared to the rest of the "most perfect," Circle Pines is something of a bargain, with the median house price coming in at a doable $204,000.

The only "more perfect" -- an odd phrase, we admit -- suburbs in America, CNBC reports are Kensington, Maryland, which is outside the nation's Capitol, and Edmond, Oklahoma, which is perfectly nestled next to Oklahoma City.

As suburbs go, Circle Pines is kind of out there: According to Google directions, with absolutely no traffic, it would take 25 minutes to get to downtown St. Paul or downtown Minneapolis from Circle Pines.

On your way, you'd pass a half-dozen other suburbs of the Twin Cities, not one of which is particularly perfect.

Maybe the most impressive single factor in ranking Circle Pines No. 3 is its public school system, which rates in the top 10 percent in America, and in the top five percent in the U.S.

But more surprising, and interesting, is this little tidbit: Only 32 percent of Circle Pines residents have a four-year degree, but 92 percent are homeowners.

Well, there's your motto. "Circle Pines: We didn't even go to college, and we live in a perfect place."

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