Chuck Grassley's "Assume deer dead" offering named Village Voice's 2012 Tweet of the Year

Grassley: Twitter's undisputed king of unintentional comedy.
Grassley: Twitter's undisputed king of unintentional comedy.

A few months ago, we told you about how hilariously awful at Twitter 79-year-old Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is.

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His mad social media skills haven't gone unnoticed by our sister publication, the NYC-based Village Voice, who honored Grassley with the 2012 Tweet of the Year.

As our post from a few months back indicates, Grassley offered up handfuls of Tweet of the Year candidates in 2012. But here's the one that took the prize:

Grassley wasn't the only person with regional connections to win a Village Voice Web Award (to read about all of the various web awards, click here). Former Timberwolf Michael Beasley won GIF of the year for getting caught on camera somehow mistaking Anthony Tolliver's leg for his own:

Makes you wonder what Beasley was saying to Tolliver after he gave his knee a little rub. By the looks of it, he might've been asking him: "Chicken or go?"

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