Chuck Grassley, Iowa Senator, compares smoking pot to murder, rape, and child abuse

Grassley thinks smoking pot is really, really bad. Like Hitler bad.
Grassley thinks smoking pot is really, really bad. Like Hitler bad.

Chuck Grassley, a 79-year-old U.S. Senator from Iowa, took the overheated rhetoric of the war on drugs to new heights in a letter he sent to constituents comparing smoking pot to murder, rape, and child abuse.

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Grassley's letter was written around the same time that the other Senator from Iowa -- Democrat Tom Harkin -- caused ganja smokers to put down their Cheetos and scratch their heads with a letter he sent to a constituent containing this nugget: "Marijuana use often has fatal consequences." If that's really the case, then folks must be smoking some really wacky tobacky in our neighbor to the south.

Here's an excerpt from Grassley's letter:

A tool of genocide?
A tool of genocide?

After several thousand years, civilized societies have failed to eliminate murder, rape, or child abuse. Nor have they eliminated organized crime, the manufacture of counterfeit money, or genocide. But no one seriously sees these failures as justification for surrender. Illegal drug use costs society at least as much as any of these social ills. Yet we do not hear any calls to legalize these abuses. Why then should we give up? Should we surrender to the criminals, and legalize marijuana? No. Instead, we should do whatever we can to prevent criminals from gaining the upper hand, do what needs to be done to give our families, our friends, and our neighbors a safe and secure place to live.

Though it was written over a half-decade ago, Grassley's office continues to send the letter to constituents who contact the Senator about marijuana reform, according to NORML.

So next time you light up, remember -- in Senator Grassley's eyes, you're causing "at least as much" harm to society as a murderer or rapist. Then have a laugh, pick up the bag of Cheetos, and perpetuate the only genocide pot smokers are known to regularly participate in -- a genocide of snack foods.

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