Christopher Prodoehl charged for putting 'baked' in baked goods


More 420 dope news: Christopher Sean Prodoehl was arrested on Tuesday, and could face felony charges, after Mankato police figured out that the brownies, bread and butter in his possession at Land of Memories Park were laced with pot.

That stuff about dope fiends suffering from short-term memory loss? Consider this: Prodoehl pleaded guilty in 2008 to felony marijuana possession, driving while impaired and disorderly conduct. Part of the 25-year-old New Ulm man's supervised probation included a restriction of any drugs or alcohol.

Guess he forgot.

We also like the way the scales fell from Mankato Public Safety Cmdr. Amy Vokal's eyes:

"It's kind of one of those legendary things you hear about, of the marijuana brownies," she told WCCO. "First for me to see it, it's interesting in that respect. It's kind of one of those things you wonder about if it's an urban legend or if it really happens and I guess it does."

And the local cops were told to keep their hands off the evidence, Vokal told the Mankato Free Press.

"The officer who brought them in (Tuesday) put a big sign on them saying, 'Do not eat these,'" she told the newspaper.