Christian Oberender, homicidal mom murderer, passed background check to buy guns

What good are background checks if this guy can pass one?
What good are background checks if this guy can pass one?

We don't know what's scarier -- that Watertown police arrested a convicted murder in possession of 13 guns and and note that said "I think about killing all the time," or that the dude somehow passed a background check to buy guns.

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KARE reports that when a deputy ran a BCA background check on Christian Oberender, "no flag came up telling him Oberender was prohibited from owning a firearm."

A BCA statement says the agency didn't receive data about Oberender and his 1995 murder conviction for killing his mom, so they never created a file for him.

"The BCA relies on entities in the criminal justice system to provide data on an individual which then populates the individual's criminal history," the statement says. "There were no data submitted to the BCA about this individual - without it there can be no record."

KARE reports that authorities were only alerted to Oberender, his guns, and his propensity to shoot them in the backyard of the home where he murdered his mother when a woman alerted them about Facebook photos of him toting firearms. They then went to the house, arrested him for being a felon in possession of guns, and found the note where he wrote: "There is so much pain in my heart and soul. Me want others to feel it."

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