Christian and Sam Ponder Do Really Nice Thing for Grieving Family

Justin Robbins uploaded this picture of his girls and Christian Ponder to Facebook.

Justin Robbins uploaded this picture of his girls and Christian Ponder to Facebook.

While out shopping recently with his two little girls, Justin Robbins ran into Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and his wife, Sam.

The past year and change has been a tough time professionally for Ponder, so, as WCCO reports, Justin offered him some words of encouragement. But when Ponder asked him why he was out shopping, he learned his professional struggles couldn't begin to compare with what Justin and his two girls -- Brianna, 9, and Emily, 8 -- are dealing with in their own lives.

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Justin's wife and the mother of his three children, Maggie, died in a car accident earlier this month. Justin told Ponder he was taking the girls to Lululemon, Maggie's favorite store, to buy them headbands in hopes it might cheer them up a little.

Maggie Robbins

Maggie Robbins

But when Justin and his girls entered the store a short time later, he learned that thanks to the generosity of the Ponders, he'd be able to buy them far more than that. Christian and Sam told the store manager to put anything the girls wanted on their tab.

The Ponders weren't looking to be recognized for their good deed, but Justin took the opportunity to tell the story to WCCO and express his appreciation.

"We really, really want to thank the Ponders and what a great man. Samantha is a great person and Christian is a great man," Justin told reporter John Lauritsen. "It was a great day, it really helped us out. We really appreciate the Ponders for doing that for us."

That sentiment was echoed by Brianna.

"I'd tell [Christian] thank you for what you did, and that I felt like my mom was doing this," she told WCCO.

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