Christi Rowan steps in legal poop


Denny Hecker's girlfriend learned the other day that she gets to keep the $30,000 pet dog he gave her as a gift. But on Friday, she found herself in legal doodoo: She's accused of helping Hecker hide his assets. Charged with bankruptcy and bank fraud in federal court, she could face years in prison if convicted.

Who's going to take care of the dog if that happens?

Like Hecker, Rowan is seen by the bankruptcy court as somewhat lacking in the intregrity department. In this case, as Dee DePass reports in the Strib, she tried passing herself off as being so broke at one point that she needed public defender, but then claimed she was a lawyer with a salary of $189,000 in order to score a loan to buy a Land Rover.

MPR's Elizabeth Dunbar points out that this is the first time Rowan or any of Hecker's former wives have faced criminal charges in connection with the bankruptcy case. Still, it's hard not to ask, where do these people find each other?

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