Christi Rowan, Denny Hecker's wife, sentenced in fraud

Christi Rowan is going to prison.

Hennepin County Judge Joan Ericksen sentenced Denny Hecker's wife today to 14 months behind bars and ordered her to pay a $36,000 fine, for her role in Hecker's fraudulent business and bankruptcy dealings.

"It's mindboggling that somebody would take money that was in the custody of the court and the FBI," Ericksen said. "It does kind of take your breath away."

Hecker has already started serving a 10 year sentence. The two got married via phone a few weeks ago.

Ericksen showed a little mercy on Rowan by allowing her to visit with her two children before she starts her sentence. Once Rowan's out in a little more than a year, she'll have to stay out of trouble for another five years while on supervised release.

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