Christi Rowan battles eviction from Hecker's McSchloss

Denny Hecker and Christi Rowan: Money changes everything.

Denny Hecker and Christi Rowan: Money changes everything.

Christi Rowan, who once got to share in all manner of Denny Hecker's bling as his live-in girlfriend, is now battling eviction from his stately McMansion out in Medina.

The former auto dealer magnate, meanwhile, awaits sentencing on federal fraud charges.


Money changed everything for these two characters, starting with when she once worked as a sales executive at KARE-TV on Denny Hecker account.

Rowan has a already admitted she lied under oath in Hecker's $767 million bankruptcy case about earning more than $150,000 a year. She also admitted lying about her income in order to secure a loan to buy a Land Rover.

She agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in what would have been Hecker's October trial, knocking her possible 35 years in prison down to no more than six months. But Denny pleaded guilty, so she was spared the indignity of helping to put him away while waking up in his bed.

It's been a long fall for Rowan, a convicted felon and single mom who has also lived on Hecker's dime at his $4,000-a-month Whitney condo in Minneapolis. Hecker's bankruptcy trustee figures Rowan is good for $425,000, including numerous cash payments, a $60,000 fur coat, a pet dog worth $30,000, and airline tickets to Mexico and Las Vegas.

For a time in April, she prevented the Hecker bankruptcy trustees from entering the $1.8 million Medina estate while they were looking for furniture, a pool table, televisions and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts.

Now, Palladium Holdings LLC claims her lease on the property is a crock, and that it's really in foreclosure, and it wants Rowan and her two kids gone forthwith. A judge has dismissed the eviction notice for now on a technicality.

Hecker divorced his last wife, Tamitha, in 2009 after a spectacularly bitter fight.