Chrissie Bates's photo: murder victim was working as a prostitute

Chrissie Bates, in a self-portrait posted on

Chrissie Bates, in a self-portrait posted on

Minneapolis Police are still investigating the murder of Chrissie Bates, the transgender woman who was found dead in her downtown apartment Monday.

Before she died, Chrissie was working as a prostitute. In an advertisement posted Dec. 17 on, Chrissie describes herself as a "classy and sassy southern belle" who is "very passionate, artistic and sweet." She charged $100-an-hour for her intimate services. [jump] is owned by City Pages' parent company, Village Voice Media.

Chrissie was from New Orleans and hadn't been in town that long. She was a warm, funny person, according to neighbors and people who have contacted OutFront Minnesota to share their memories of her. Neighbors say they saw johns visiting Chrissie's apartment.

Now, the entrance to Chrissie's apartment is blocked off, and someone has affixed a white rose to the doorway in memorial.

In addition to the Minneapolis Police Department, the FBI is also involved in the case because of potential civil rights violations. A representative from Human Rights Campaign in D.C. will attend the vigil for Chrissie next Friday, Jan. 21.

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