Chrissie Bates's cause of death: complex homicidal violence


Chrissie Bates died Monday in Minneapolis as a result of "complex homicidal violence," according to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office. She was 45.

The Medical Examiner released the victim's name as Christopher Paul Bates and determined him to be a white male. The report did not include an exact date of birth.


Bates was identified by police as a man when they came to her apartment at 1302 Linden Ave. on Monday, but she was living as a woman and went by the name Chrissie.

"Complex homicidal violence generally means just that --not a single type of injury," says Dallas Drake, principal research at Center for Homicide Research. "There may be multiple types of injury. If there's a wound, it's not a single wound. It's a series of wounds or a series of types of wounds."

"We see in GLBT homicide, it's common to see overkill. Overkill is excessive wounding, more injury than what is necessary to cause the death. Or second, multiple types of wounds."

"When you see overkill it typically points toward an intimate partner killing. It does not mean that it's a long-term partner. It means that it's a sexual or intimate partner."

OutFront Minnesota is planning a vigil for Chrissie on Jan. 21, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The location of the vigil has not yet been decided. The vigil will include a brief march, speakers, and a time for community members to speak.

"The goals of it are to honor her life and reclaim some space--community solidarity," said Rebecca Waggoner, anti-violence program director for OutFront. "There's no place in Minneapolis--or anywhere--for this kind of violence. It should be both a celebration and taking back our communities."

UPDATE: Chrissie Bates's photo: murder victim was working as a prostitute

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