Chrissie Bates, transgender homicide victim, found stabbed downtown

Chrissie Bates, a transgender woman living northeast of the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis, is the city's first homicide victim this year.

Formerly known as Christopher Bates, Chrissie was found dead Monday in an apartment at 1302 Linden Ave.

Police have not officially identified Bates, but Timothy Bates--a neighbor who shares Chrissie's last name but is not related--named her.

A family member asked the building management to check on Chrissie, according to Minneapolis Police. Chrissie was found on the floor with what appeared to be stab wounds, and the police were called in.

MPD has launched a homicide investigation. In the meantime, Timothy Bates blamed building management in Chrissie's death.

"A person is dead because of their inaction," Bates says. "They won't guarantee that the doors were locked and shut properly."

Timothy Bates says that Chrissie had mentioned that she had recently been sexually assaulted, and that her apartment window was broken. When she complained, management told her she would have to pay for the window herself, Bates says.

"She told me that she was concerned for her safety," Bates says. "Management said, that's really not our problem, call the police."

Timothy Bates said that he has complained about the building management twice to the Minneapolis Housing Office because they have treated him badly.

We attempted to contact the building manager, Mary Miller of Cedar Management, but she could not be immediately reached.

"This is just a huge tragedy," said Rebecca Waggoner, anti-violence program director for OutFront Minnesota. "We have been in contact with the Minneapolis Police Department and they have assured us that they are committed to solving it."

Tomorrow, Bates plans to meet with more people from the City to file more complaints about the building management. Tonight, he is recovering from the trauma of the past 24 hours.

"Last night I was just really shaken up," Bates says. "I was just shocked. The police wouldn't tell me whether or not he was killed or not. Based on what I heard from the tenant - when I saw the police, my heart sank. I said, Please tell me this is not what I think it was."

UPDATE 1: Chrissie Bates's cause of death: complex homicidal violence

UPDATE 2: Chrissie Bates's photo: murder victim was working as a prostitute

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