Chris Miller robs bank, says he's struggling with fact he's not a rich football player, apologizes

There are lots of reasons a person might become involved in criminal activities -- mental illness, depression, desperation, and so forth.

But Chris Miller had a pretty unique justification for robbing Bremer Bank on Cahill Avenue in Inver Grove Heights last Wednesday. A former Division 1 college football player, Miller told police after his arrest he's "struggling with the fact that he is not a rich and successful football player," a criminal complaint says.

Miller, 27, played during the 2008 season for Missouri State University. He was an all-region cornerback for Ellsworth Community College in Iowa in 2006.

Miller told police he planned to play in the NFL before his football playing days were cut short because of injury. His LinkedIn page says he's now CEO at Lamarque LLC, a Kansas City-based fashion company that designs "clothes marketable to the everyday person but I also designing specific sportswear for the those in action [sic]." Considering he allegedly robbed a bank last week, it's safe to assume Miller's fashion business isn't doing so hot.

Arrested just hours after the robbery, Miller apologized to police and said the robbery was a "big mistake." He told police the cash he stole was stashed away at his apartment. The money was later recovered.

Miller faces one count of simple robbery, a felony that carries up to 10 years in prison.

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