Chris Kluwe to debate empty chair

Chris Kluwe to debate empty chair
You probably won't get another chance to see these two square off, folks.

From the looks of things, Chris Kluwe is going to be debating Clint Eastwood-style tomorrow evening.

Now one day before the Vikings punter is scheduled to argue his position advocating for gay marriage, none of the Minnesota Republicans he invited to spar have accepted. But apparently that's not going to stop Kluwe.

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In lieu of a challenger, actors from a Brave New Workshop will be playing the part of Minnesota politicians who support a ban on gay marriage, reading previous statements they've made on the subject. KQRS host Tom Barnard will moderate.

"The organizers promise a bipartisan event, with no official political presence other than the two debaters (or stand-ins) at the podium," reads a statement from Brave New Workshop. "Organizers intend to host a healthy and respectful dialog, as well as have fun in the process."

The debate is just the latest in Kluwe's campaign against the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota, on the ballot November 6. Since writing a popular letter to Deadspin laying out his argument last month, Kluwe has gained a national audience in his quest.

Space for the debate will be extremely limited, so if you want to attend, join the event on Facebook. Organizers will then select 40 from the list.

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