Chris Kluwe sends debate challenge to 10 Minnesota Republicans

Chris Kluwe sends debate challenge to 10 Minnesota Republicans
Chris Kluwe now wants to debate Michele Bachmann, Kurt Bills, or pretty much anyone.

Chris Kluwe just can't find a sparring partner.

A couple weeks ago, the Vikings punter tried to bait Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, into a debate over her opposition to gay marriage. When Franson didn't bite, Kluwe made a similar offer to ex-Viking Matt Birk, who recently came out against same-sex marriage in an op/ed published by the Star Tribune.

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Chris Kluwe wants to debate Mary Franson

Now, Kluwe has sent out formal debate challenges to 10 Republicans, including Michele Bachmann, Kurt Bills, and Mike Parry. He's he's even set a time and place -- 5 p.m. this Friday at the Brave New Workshop -- and KQRS host Tom Barnard has agreed to moderate. An additional letter went out to Andy Parrish and John Helmberger of Minnesotans for Marriage, the group pushing the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

"I would like to debate any and all politicians who are interested in passing the Minnesota marriage amendment so I can finally get a logical reason why we should discriminate against American citizens," says Kluwe in a statement.

So far, no one has taken up Kluwe on his offer.

Here are the 10 he invited to the debate the Internet so badly wants to happen: Mary Franson, Keith Downey, Kurt Daudt, Mary Kiffmeyer, Steve Drazkowski, Steve Gottwalt, Mike Perry, Kurt Bills, David Hann and Michelle Bachmann.

Ever since laying out his gay marriage views in a colorful letter to Deadspin last month, Kluwe has become the unlikely spokesman for the opposition to the amendment. The punter also appears in ad released this week encouraging Minnesotans to vote no this November. Watch it here:

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