Chris Kluwe is Salon's Sexiest Man of 2012

Kluwe edged out Louis C.K. (???) for Salon's Sexiest Man honor.
Kluwe edged out Louis C.K. (???) for Salon's Sexiest Man honor.

Chris Kluwe's year of winning continues -- weeks after playing a key role in defeating Minnesota's proposed same-sex marriage ban, the Vikings punter has been named Salon's Sexiest Man of 2012.

Salon's eccentric Sexiest Men list is about "real men" who represent "more than Ryan Seacrest gross and generic boy band good looks."

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"During a weighty year when we had a lot of issues to think about, we particularly went for men who engaged with them in important and interesting ways," the list's introduction says. "Because that's what real men do."

Here's the full top 10 list:

10. Ezra Miller
9. Ai Weiwei
8. W. Kamau Bell
7. Adam Driver
6. John Hawkes
5. Rob Delaney
4. Aaron Paul
3. Frank Ocean
2. Louis C.K.
1. The man who introduced us to 'turdsloths'

And here's what Salon has to say about Kluwe in particular:

Chris Kluwe knows how to write an angry letter. After Maryland delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. attempted to silence an NFL player's same-sex marriage activism, the Minnesota Vikings punter responded with a profanity-laced missive in which he referred to the politician as a "narcissistic fromunda stain." He also sarcastically reassured Burns that legalized same-sex marriage won't "magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster." The letter wasn't just hilariously inappropriate: It deftly took the pol to task for homophobia, hypocrisy and disrespect of free speech. Kluwe even name-checked COBRA and Social Security benefits.

But let's be honest: He had us at "lustful cockmonster."

This creative-curser with a cause didn't stop there: After his letter went viral, he went on to film a video and radio spots against a proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution banning same-sex marriage, which failed on Nov. 6. He also followed up his profane rant with G-rated defenses of same-sex marriage. As if that weren't enough to land him on our sexiest list, Kluwe then posed for a bunch of shirtless beefcake shots for Out magazine. Folks, this is what secure heterosexuality looks like, and it is hot. Yes, Kluwe is straight and married -- to a woman! -- but he believes that gay men, whether they're marrying each other or ogling his rock-hard abs, don't pose a threat to his union.

The 30-year-old father of two shatters the jock stereotype: Not only does he have an activist streak, but he's a voracious reader and self-proclaimed video-gaming nerd. He has the goofy laugh of a guy who spends hours playing "World of Warcraft" with the physique of an Olympian. In his own words, "Holy fucking shitballs." For more on Kluwe, check out our "Sexiest Man" interview with him.

In that interview, Kluwe is asked how he feels about being named Sexiest Man.

"It's a little weird because I'm a nerd video game player," Kluwe says. "I'm sure my wife is thrilled, though."

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