Chris Kluwe destroys writer, Peyton Manning in awesome Twitter rant

Chris Kluwe says Peyton Manning is a "shitheel redneck fuckstick." Jesus, Chris. Tell us how you really feel.

Chris Kluwe says Peyton Manning is a "shitheel redneck fuckstick." Jesus, Chris. Tell us how you really feel.

Chris Kluwe does not back off from a fight. The punter position is usually thought of as the least confrontational in the bloodsport of football. But the former Vikings player — and City Pages cover boy — has a well-earned reputation as a bold, if not outright aggressive, deviation from that norm. 

The latest target in Kluwe's sights is Peyton Manning, who has suffered a swift fall from grace in the days since the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl. A series of stories in different news outlets dredged up some pretty sick allegations stemming from Manning's time at the University of Tennessee. In short, Manning was accused — there's no not-gross way of explaining it — of deliberately putting his ass and balls in the face of a female trainer he did not like.

The trainer, Jamie Nautright, filed a sexual assault claim with the university, and later sued the school. They reached a settlement, but now the whole ugly episode has a second life, thanks to a new, larger suit claiming the school knowingly ignored sexual assaults committed by athletes, and fostered a "hostile sexual environment."

Kluwe's first response to the story was unflinching in its lack of regard for the legendary quarterback. "Fuck Peyton Manning with an Ebola covered gardening fork. What a disgusting scumbag of a human being."

Upon further reflection, Kluwe decided to add to this characterization, calling Manning a "shitheel redneck fuckstick who used his daddy's name to cover up criminal behavior."

Soon, though, another animal wandered into Kluwe's crosshairs. Gregg Doyel, a sports columnist with the Indianapolis Star, met the controversy by tweeting a link to a Manning column he'd written last year, a puff piece about the "great things" Manning has done connecting with sick children in Indianapolis.

This see-no-evil response fell short of Chris Kluwe's standard of justice and journalistic integrity. Besides, he already hates Gregg Doyel's guts. 

Their animus dates back to 2014, when Doyel wrote a column attacking Kluwe for a number of perceived sins committed during and just after his time with the Minnesota Vikings. For one thing, Kluwe was said to have made jokes about the Penn State University's child sex abuse scandal: Tom Kanavy, then the Vikings assistant coach, had formerly worked at the school.

Another point of contention for Doyel was an ominous couple of tweets Kluwe had directed at the Vikings, whom Kluwe was suing at the time.  (Kluwe and the team later settled.) In a vague reference that was never fully explained, Kluwe threatened to expose "two very well known Vikings" who had been "caught in a compromising situation with an underage girl." 

Doyel found this beyond the pale, and wrote the ex-punter was "passing around that little girl like a virus and not the human being Chris Kluwe seems to have forgotten she is." Kluwe did not forget this. A couple days ago, he began asking Doyel when he'd stop kissing Peyton Manning's ass and write a column taking the icon down a peg. 

— Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) February 14, 2016
Doyel's response? Nothing yet. But he has been tweeting a lot about Indiana University men's basketball.

The judges have scored this round for Kluwe.