Chris Kluwe and Andy Parrish to debate on the radio tonight

Better late than never?
Better late than never?

The election may have come and gone, but tonight, at long last, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish will debate.

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Makes you wonder why Parrish wouldn't engage in a battle of wits with the man who first introduced us to lustful cockmonsters before November 6, doesn't it?

The one-hour debate can be listened to on KLTK, AM 1130, beginning at 8 p.m.

From Real Capitol View:

The duo is expected to discuss the issue of gay marriage, the amendment ultimately failing, and even football.

Jack Tomczak, co-host of the nightly KTLK show, is excited about the segment, which he expects to last an hour.

"We are happy to include Chris Kluwe in this discussion. Hopefully, given the amount of time we will have in the segment can allow us to move past the talking points and the quips and have a substantive conversation about where the marriage issue goes from here. It's good for the show to have Chris Kluwe's participation and its good for the people of Minnesota to have a show like The Late Debate to host these types of discussions."

Tomczak said it was Parrish who was able to arrange the segment. Parrish invited Kluwe via Twitter to take part, and the offer was accepted.

We doubt either of the two will succeed in getting the other to see the error of his arguments, but it should make for entertaining radio nonetheless.

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