Chris Kallal's attorney wants to jump ship

Grant Scott Smith -- the attorney representing Twincy co-founder Chris Kallal -- filed a motion yesterday to withdraw from his case, says Santo Cruz, Hennepin County Attorney's Office media relations representative.

Kallal, a Twin Cities foodie and former Metromix reporter, was charged with two felonies in January for allegedly stealing the identity and mail of Alyssa Geronsin, his then-girlfriend. Police say Kallal used this information to charge about $39,000 to credit cards in Geronsin's name.

As noted in this week's news story, Kallal was due in court Wednesday morning for an omnibus hearing.

A judge granted Kallal a continuance at the hearing after Smith filed the motion to remove himself from the case, says Cruz. "His lawyer filed a motion to withdraw from the case and to withdraw from representing him."

Cruz couldn't offer explanation as to why Smith jumped ship. Smith is not commenting on this case, according to a representative who answered the phone at his office.

Smith's motion has not yet been ruled on by a judge, says Cruz, which means Smith could still change his mind and continue to serve as Kallal's counsel.

Kallal's hearing is postponed until November 30. This is his sixth continuance in about five months, according to court documents. Of those, two judges have noted "No more continuances" for the case, the records show.

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