Chris Coleman's advice to Betsy Hodges: Crack is whack


Yesterday, St. Paul Dictator Mayor Chris Coleman and Betsy Hodges -- now officially the mayor-elect of Minneapolis, finally -- got together for lunch at the IDS Center.

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The lunch followed a tradition started when R.T. Rybak took Coleman out for a bite when he was first elected back in 2005. Coleman, asked about that that first lunch with Rybak and the importance of the tradition it spawned, told reporters (via the Star Tribune):

"It was a great op­por­tu­ni­ty to be­gin what I be­lieve was some of the most im­port­ant work that we've done over the last eight years, which was to re­al­ly fo­cus on not what our dif­fer­ences were, not to be com­peti­tors, but to under­stand that we are ab­so­lute­ly at our best when we act re­gion­al­ly, when we act as cit­ies that co­oper­ate -- when we under­stand that our com­pe­ti­tion is not with each oth­er, but with oth­er cit­ies across the coun­try and across the globe."

But as far as we're concerned, the most interesting tidbit came when Coleman was asked what advice he had for Hodges as she prepares to become Minneapolis's first non-Rybak mayor since 2002.

"What­ever you do, you don't want to take les­sons from the may­or of To­ron­to," Coleman quipped. "Look to oth­er mayors to be your role mod­el."

Coleman was referring, of course, to Rob Ford, the embattled mayor of Toronto who recently admitted to smoking crack during a "drunken stupor." Then, if that wasn't bad enough, footage emerged of an animated and agitated Ford threatening to "kill" some "fucking guy." Here's that footage:

And here's a GIF from that video of Ford going "full Chris Farley":

Asked what the hell was going on in that clip, Ford told the Toronto Sun he was "extremely, extremely inebriated." Despite the embarrassing revelations, he refuses to resign from office.

So yeah, we'd say Coleman's advice is pretty sound.

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