Chris Coleman will NOT run for Governor

Chris Coleman will NOT run for Governor

Chris Coleman will not run for governor in 2010. The St. Paul mayor announced his decision this afternoon. For some, including many union members who were leaning toward him for their endorsement, it's a surprise. But for those who saw Coleman at DFL campaign stops across the state, it's not much of a shock. The dude has a hard time connecting to rural Minnesotans, and truthfully, he's just really, really, boring.

Minnesota Public Radio

has the rundown


 Coleman said he made up his mind this morning that he would not run.

"My work is here. I was elected four years ago to move St. Paul forward, but my work's not finished," said Coleman. "And there was no way that I could ask the voters for their confidence and their support for another four years, knowing that I was going to spend 100 percent of my time for the next seven months, at least, running for governor. There are too many critical issues facing the city of St. Paul right now."

Coleman said the Central Corridor light rail line is a key concern.

"Even though we actually have begun construction on the critical phase of Central Corridor, we are not fully funded yet. And I want to make sure that receives my full attention," said Coleman. "I couldn't do that if I was engaged in 14 different debates every week across the state of Minnesota."

In true passive-aggressive spirit, Coleman's words are certainly a side-swipe at R.T. Rybak, the Minneapolis mayor who announced, yet again, to a group of DFL voters in the tiny town of Biscay last weekend he is indeed running for governor.

As for Coleman's deep-down reasoning for dropping out, we can only guess. The smart money says Coleman knew he was a long-shot to get the DFL endorsement, and an even longer shot at winning a statewide race.

Or maybe he just wasn't into it full speed. He appeared that way at an event in Osseo last Saturday night, content to sit in the back of the room and munch on trail mix while other candidates tirelessly worked the room.

Oh well, he'll always be one of the best mayors to drink a beer with... and we've heard he looks sexy in a kilt.

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