Chris Bradshaw, Serial Perv, Gets Wrist Slapped for Videotaping Boys in Y Locker Room

Chris Bradshaw had twice been convicted of criminal sexual misconduct before his recent charge.

Chris Bradshaw had twice been convicted of criminal sexual misconduct before his recent charge.

Christopher Michael Bradshaw, recently slapped with only a 60-day jail sentence and two years on probation for videotaping two boys in a YMCA locker room, has long possessed a weakness for sexual misconduct.

According to his Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension paper trail, the 49-year-old owns a history of sex crimes stretching back 20-plus years.

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In 1994, Bradshaw was convicted in Cook County for lewd and lascivious conduct. Two years later in Hennepin County, he was initially charged with nine sex crimes, but was only convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim under age 13.

So how is it that Bradshaw -- who just pleaded guilty to using a smartwatch to record two boys changing their clothes at the Andover YMCA -- won't spend a day in prison for his latest crime?

According to Anoka County prosecutors, who originally also charged Bradshaw with four felonies, state law supplied wiggle room.

Robert Minor

Robert Minor

State statute dictates that kids must be in a sexual position or engaged in a sexual act in order for pictures or videos to qualify as child pornography. Children in states of undress doesn't meet the standard.

In March, state Rep. Debra Hilstrom introduced a bill seeking to make it a felony if a "person... knowingly takes a photograph, records a digital image, makes a video record, or transmits live video of another person, without that person's consent, in a restroom, locker room, or changing room...."

But the 2015 session ended before Hillstrom's proposal could make its way into law.

Bradshaw's latest legal brush began in 2013, back when he was pals with Robert Dennis Minor of Coon Rapids.The Anoka County Sheriff's Office received a call concerning an odd incident at the Andover YMCA. A 12-year-old told authorities that while changing out of his swimming trunks in a locker room he saw a hand holding a sliver wristwatch come over the top of the stall. The boy said it appeared as if the watch face was intentionally being pointed at him.

Upon exiting the stall, the juvenile noticed an overweight, balding man in a gray shirt, green shorts, and white socks pulled up high. He was later identified as Minor.

Days later, Minor's home was searched. Officials found a wristwatch capable of videotaping. They also discovered thousands of photos and videos of child pornography. Included in the stash was a video taken in the Andover YMCA locker room showing boys in various stages of undress. Some other videos taken at the gym were recorded on Minor's iPhone.

Minor would serve only 180 days in the Anoka County workhouse. He was also placed on probation for 10 years. . Like Bradshaw, the 55-year-old Minor was guilty of interference with privacy, a gross misdemeanor that applies to anyone "surreptitiously" observing, photographing, or recording someone.

In the immediate weeks after his arrest, Minor received several calls in the Anoka County Jail from Bradshaw's cell phone.

Investigators reexamined Minor's iPhone videos. One showed a total nude adult male and two boys, ages 8 and 10. The filmmaker's face also came into focus. Authorities learned it belonged to Bradshaw, a Y member, along with his wife and three children.

Bradshaw's most recent arrest came just four months after being released from prison for a prior criminal sexual conduct offense.

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