Chisago County Republican Party publishes extremely racist Facebook post

"Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one"

"Pro-choice: Against slavery? Don't buy one"

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From the "I can't believe anybody thought this was a good idea" file: The Chisago County Republican Party posted the image at the top of this post to its Facebook page this morning.

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Yes, it's a shocking display of racism and bad judgment, but it's not as though many people in the right-leaning exurban county or elsewhere have taken notice -- the page only has 156 followers, and though new posts are published almost daily, not one of them has received a single "like" since October 6.


[jump] We'll let you know when the post is deleted and the inevitable apology takes its place.

:::: UPDATE ::::

The offensive post has now been deleted, but no apology has yet been posted in its place. So upset folks have taken to putting Chisago GOPers on blast in the comment thread for the most recent undeleted post remaining on the page.

Check out this epic burn one commenter left in that thread (and note the irony involved in Chisago GOPers characterizing Democrats as "racist"):

:::: UPDATE II ::::

The DFL has released a statement about the Chisago County Facebook post. Here it is in its entirety:


"While the Minnesota Republican Party is shamelessly trying to brand themselves as a Party that welcomes people from 'all ethnicities,' the Chisago County Republicans posted a racially offensive picture on Facebook. I find the reference to slavery disgusting and reprehensible. How can a Party work so hard to sell themselves as multi-cultural and welcoming to others when their leadership approves and publicizes racist photos to make a point?

"The Republican Party is the same old Party they have always been. Actions speak louder than words and today's actions prove that they have a long way to go to really reach out and include people from under-represented communities.

"The Republican Party can never claim to be welcoming and inviting to people from other cultures, when they use hurtful images from such a dark and difficult time in our nation's history. To say this is extremely offensive, is putting it lightly. I challenge the Republican Party to move from their old ways, and to hold their leadership accountable for such a disgusting display of racist and bigoted behavior. "

:::: UPDATE III ::::

The Chisago County MNGOP has now issued its own statement in response to the gaffe. In it, the Chisago County Republican Executive Committee apologies for the post but says they aren't yet sure how it made it onto their official Facebook page in the first place.

Here's the whole thing:

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