Chip Cravaack organizer manhandled female constituent at event [VIDEO]

Manhandled by a bearded Cravaack staffer, the woman's expression speaks a thousand words.
Manhandled by a bearded Cravaack staffer, the woman's expression speaks a thousand words.

On Saturday evening, 8th District Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack held an advertized "meet with voters" event at the Northland Arboretum in Baxter.

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The DFL sent a camera-wielding "representative" to the event, but she was quickly asked to leave by two event organizers. Another woman who tried to take a picture at the event was then manhandled by one of the organizers "in an attempt to take her camera," the DFL writes in a press release issued yesterday. The woman, an 8th District constituent, was "forcibly assaulted," the release adds, and she's since filed an assault complaint with the Baxter Police Department.

Here's footage of the alleged assault:

And here's footage, from earlier that evening, of that same bearded Cravaack organizer and a colleague asking the camera-toting DFLer to hit the road.

This is not the first time the Cravaack campaign has generated publicity for allegedly getting physical with folks trying to film their events. Last month, Bemidji State University senior Matt Riddle told the Daily Kos that shortly after he turned on a camera at an event in Hackensack, he was "grabbed, pushed, pulled and shoved out the door by staffers as Rep. Chip Cravaack stood nearby, calmly ignoring the student's pleas."

Why not just let folks film the events? Unless Cravaack and his campaign have something to hide, it seems that course of action would be preferable to generating negative publicity with strong-arm tactics, doesn't it?

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