Childress bringing "kick-ass offense" to Cleveland

Chili isn't looking so bad after the Vikings 3-13 2011.
Chili isn't looking so bad after the Vikings 3-13 2011.

In December 2006, fresh off an offensively bereft 9-7 loss to the hated Green Bay Packers, Brad Childress took the podium at Winter Park, cleared his throat and uttered the following preposterous statement:

"I know it's a kick-ass offense when it's properly executed."

Over a year after being unceremoniously shown the door by the Vikings, Brad Childress is getting a chance to resurrect the ass-kicking days of yore. Today, he was hired as the Cleveland Browns new offensive coordinator.

Lord knows the Browns offense could use a little kick ass. Last season, Cleveland scored the third-fewest points in the league and finished the record with a record of 4-12 -- one game better than the Vikings' abysmal mark the year after Childress' firing.

Childress, 55, didn't coach last season, but interviewed for the Tamp Bay Buccaneers' head coaching job earlier this month. He didn't get that job and presumably isn't in the mix for any other head coaching opportunities, so he settled on a coordinating gig.

In hindsight -- and following arguably the worst season in franchise history -- Childress' tenure with the Vikings doesn't seem so bad. His teams won the NFC North division in consecutive seasons, reaching the NFC Championship in '09 only to watch the Super Bowl slip away during one of the most excruciating, soul-crushing losses in the history of the hard-luck franchise. From '06 to until the wheels finally came off the Favre-wagon once and for all in 2010, Chili's record with the Vikings was 39-35 during the regular season and 1-2 during the playoffs.

And while his offenses never really did kick ass except when the aged gunslinger was having the best season of his Hall of Fame career, 39-35 looks a lot better than 3-13, doesn't it?

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