Children's fear of Santa brings joy to many


When the holidays start to get you down, remember the pure fear that dear old Santa Claus can strike in the hearts of the young ones in your life. It always brings a smile to our faces.

But if you think about it, shouldn't children have an instinctual fear of sitting on a strange man's lap as he cuddles them close? Not to mention he is overweight and so covered with facial hair that you can't even comprehend where his terrible voice is coming from. Oh, and he entices children to like him by offering them presents when he sneaks into their home late at night. Maybe children are on to something.

Either way, everyone loves laughing at the expense of young children. Where can you get some holiday joy? We've got a couple ideas. The Star Tribune just started an album on their site where readers can submit their best "Unhappy Kids with Santa" photo for the collection. The album is small now, but expect it to grow as Christmas nears. Who doesn't have a photo to add, seriously?

The epic photo gallery is over at the Sun-Sentinel site. They've got 245 images for you to browse.

If you have a picture to top all Santa-feat pictures, post a link in the comments. We could use some more Christmas joy this year.