Chief Dolan's black-sheep brother sentenced on drug charges


Paul Dolan's family ties apparently didn't win him any favors in court yesterday.

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan's black-sheep brother scored a six-month jail sentence in Ramsey County court for possession charges, despite a plea for mercy.

The U.S. postal worker was arrested for smoking meth in his mail truck last summer. Police say they also found 130 weed plants while raiding his house, but Dolan denies harboring that amount.

Dolan has a history of similar charges, which apparently didn't help his case. He says a painful skin condition caused him to revert back to drug use.

From the Pioneer Press:

Dolan told Judge Edward S. Wilson he was hospitalized, comatose, for four days last year, and he later moved from prescription painkillers to marijuana and meth.

"I freely admit I started using the other drugs for pain," he wrote.

He also wrote he felt that the media had targeted him, and that the charges were the result of "corrupt ... cops who had an axe to grind with Tim."

In court yesterday, Dolan begged the judge to go easy on him so he wouldn't lose his job, but to no avail.