Chico and the Man

U.S. Customs agents all the way up in International Falls have "hired" a K-9 to help stop the inflow of illegal plants and chemicals from Canada. Chico, a three-year-old German Shepherd, is trained to detect a whole smorgasboard of forbidden fun-enhancers, including marijuana, hashish, cocaine, and ecstasy.

From the Associated Press non-story:

Marty Eide, acting port director, called canine enforcement another tool in the inspection process. He said Chico will be valuable in many scenarios, including when officials need to inspect multiple loads of cargo. In those cases, Chico can pinpoint where narcotics might be.

Officer Pete Benedix said he went to the training program in Virginia, and worked with three dogs before picking Chico.

"The hardest part was picking which dog to bring back to the field," Benedix said. "(Chico) stood out for his high drive and work ethic."

Look: we totally understand the eagerness of on-the-public-dole drug warriors to feed certain narcotics-themed stories to media outlets in the hopes of justifying their paychecks to a skeptical publc just as much as we totally understand the willingness of on-deadline AP reporters to gladly accept these press releases and morph them into something legible and thus hit their quota.

Less understandable is why Twin Cities media outlets would give two fucks about a four-legged creature performing banal anti-drug duties 300 miles away when dozens of other four-legged creatures--and more than a few two-legged ones--are performing nearly identical duties within shouting distance of their offices right now as you read this.

And yet it's a major story on WCCO's website (in the politics section, mind you). The Strib picked it up, as well. Ditto for the PiPress. And here we are weighing in on the ludicrousness of other media outlets weighing in on something we couldn't resist from weighing in on ourselves.

Now will someone please belly up to the comments section and point out the hypocrisy of Blotter weighing in on how other media outlets should refrain from weighing in on this issue, so that this sordid cycle might continue?