Chi Psi adopts house dad to boost public image

This already sounds like the makings of a straight-to-video National Lampoon movie.

In hopes of boosting its public image, the University of Minnesota's Chi Psi fraternity -- known as "The Lodge" -- is bringing in a "house dad" this week to live in the frat through the end of the school year.

Chi Psi has been getting in trouble with the Interfraternity Council for years for hosting underage partiers, reports the Minnesota Daily.

Last month, a female U of M student reported being sexually assaulted at the frat. Though no charges were filed, the accusation knocked Chi Psi's reputation into the gutter.

Enter Jim Anberley, a 1982 Chi Psi alum returning to his alma mater to relive his glory days, while at the same time teaching old school values to a new generation. Or something like that.

As a symbolic gesture of their commitment to reform, the lads over at Chi Psi are even going to sign a pledge to keep drugs and booze out of the house.

Sorry to all those new Chi Psi members who thought their college experience would replicate the movie Animal House. Try to live vicariously through this clip:

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