Check out this video of insane pileup on Wisconsin highway

Think the roads are bad here? You're right, of course. But over the weekend, they were as bad, if not worse, in Wisconsin, where at least three people died because of crashes on slick roads on Sunday.

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Dramatic footage of one of a number of pileups in southeast Wisconsin on Sunday has been released by the state's Department of Transportation. Suffice it to say it's porn for people who like to watch cars slamming into each other.

Here's the footage:

Miraculously, nobody was killed during the roughly 50-car wreck, which occurred on Highway 41/45 in Germantown. (UPDATE -- as pointed out by commenter brill029 below, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports there actually was one death as a result of two pileups on Highway 41/45 on Sunday, but based on the report it's unclear whether the fatality happened during the massive wreck in the video above or during another earlier in the day.)

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