Check out this van dangling precariously above I-94 [UPDATE]


-- Update at bottom --

Two lanes of I-94 eastbound through St. Paul were closed this morning as a van dangled precariously above the highway.

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The image at the top of this post is a still from a traffic cam (via the Star Tribune). It shows the only thing keeping the van from crashing onto the highway at I-94 near Seventh Street was a metal fence.

This van hung above I-94 in St. Paul this morning.

This van hung above I-94 in St. Paul this morning.

It's unclear how the van got there in the first place, but given that the photo was taken at 8:40, we'd hope someone with towing capabilities has already come to its rescue.

:::: UPDATE ::::

The chain of events culminating in the van ending up in such a dangerous spot was weirder than you think. KARE 11 explains:

Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Paulos tells KARE 11 that the van was parked in the parking lot of First Baptist Church, and a 68-year-old man was sleeping inside when somehow it slipped into gear and began rolling. The only thing that stopped it from plunging on to the interstate below was a chain link fence.

MnDOT crews blocked off one lane of the freeway to ensure the safety of motorists. The vehicle was finally pulled onto solid ground by a tow truck just before 9 a.m.

Police say by the time they got there the man who was sleeping in the van was gone, but two pitbulls were still inside. They were OK.

Alrighty then.

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