Check out this crazy video of the demolition derby on I-35 near Forest Lake


Just a day ago many of us winter-savvy Minnesotans were mocking Atlanta for becoming something akin to a Walking Dead set thanks to icy roads and a couple inches of snow.

Those jokes aren't quite as funny today, are they?

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It was especially no laughing matter for drivers headed down an ice-coated I-35 this morning. Check out this crazy footage caught by a traffic cam near Forest Lake:

MnDOT Communications Director Kevin Gutknecht said plows have been working on that stretch of roadway since midnight, but in conditions like this, safety ultimately boils down to careful driving.

"If you watch the video, you can see that drivers are driving too fast," Gutknecht told us. "You have to know the road conditions and drive according to them."

Gutknecht said today is one of those especially challenging days where snow is falling faster than plows' ability to clear it from roads.

"Really the key element to this whole safety in snow and ice thing is how people drive," Gutknecht continued. "A big part of the issue for the folks in Atlanta is they aren't used to that type of road condition and they just don't know how to handle it."

In other words, some of the drivers seen sliding down I-35 simply should've known better, assuming they're veterans of Minnesota winters.

"You've had differing road conditions almost every day this week," Gutknecht said. "Today it's snow, yesterday morning it was extremely cold and you had to worry about black ice, and in the afternoon it was wet and sloppy and you had to have enough blue juice in your wiper tank to make sure you could get spray off the windshield."

State Patrol spokesman Eric Roeske said he doesn't yet know about injuries associated with the massive Forest Lake wreck.

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