Cheating man with Krazy-Glued penis charged with felony child abuse


The three-timing Wisconsin man who ended up with his penis Krazy-glued to his body has now been formally charged with felony child abuse and three other misdemeanors.

After his two lovers and his wife discovered he was cheating on them with the other women, one of them allegedly lured him to a motel room for a massage. Once he was blindfolded and tied up, the other women, plus one other, joined her for a little torture. The women cut off his underwear, asked him pointed questions, and took Krazy Glue to his penis. The Associated Press is reporting they glued his dong to his stomach, while other reports say it was glued to his leg.

Third leg or navel gazer? Not sure, but either story is equally fascinating.

The man is also charged with theft, unlawful phone use and harassment. He was charged today in Fond du Lac County.

All four women are charged with felony false imprisonment. One woman is charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, which is a misdemeanor.

Two of the women spoke out on NBC's Today show about the incident. They probably never thought their little night at the motel would land them in households around the world labeled the "penis glue ladies".