Chassis the dog goes missing in Duluth, turns up 300 miles away near Iowa border

Chassis, a one-and-a-half-year-old husky, began 2012 with the walk of a lifetime.

The dog broke free from her Duluth home on New Year's Day. Last week, she turned up in Taopi, a southern Minnesota town 300 miles away from Lake Superior.

How the hell did that happen? Unfortunately, Chassis isn't talking.

Chassis's owners, Nick and Teresa Musel, found her after an acquaintance discovered a Craigslist post for a dog found in southern Minnesota. The Musels were understandably skeptical their dog could've traveled so far, but a Skype session gave them enough confidence to make the trek and see for themselves.

They were happy to discover that it was indeed Chassis, though following the trip she was thinner, had thorns stuck to her matted fur, and stunk like a skunk. Her Taopi caretakers speculated that "people could have fed her along the way." Either that or she was dog-napped and somehow broke free near the Iowa border.

Now back at home in Duluth, Teresa Musel said her dog seems a bit traumatized after the nearly two-month-long journey.

"She seems a little disconnected," she said. "Whatever she went through... the stress and the trauma, you can tell she is still trying to figure things out."

To ensure Chassis doesn't make a second run for the Iowa border, the Musels had her micro-chipped this week and have plans for a GPS collar.

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