Chaska hires David Jennings

Chaska's process holds lessons for Minneapolis

Former Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent David Jennings has signed on to run Chaska's growing (and apparently flush) school system. Smart move on Chaska's part, we imagine. Jennings' resume includes a stint as speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives and experience as a Chamber of Commerce executive. What it doesn't include is a history in public education, one of the ostensible reasons Jennings's Minneapolis appointment--a controversial but promising move made with virtually no community input--drew so much fire he resigned abruptly in October 2003.

The last two paragraphs of today?s Strib story on Jennings' new job are particularly instructional.

"The process has included extensive interviews with the board, senior staff, teachers, community members, support staff, students, parents, and a community forum opened to anybody who wanted to attend," he said. "There was very little process [in Minneapolis]. ... This has been the opposite end of the spectrum." 

If you're curious enough to want more background, check out this archived analysis of the problems that led to Jennings' resignation in Minneapolis, by City Pages' Britt Robson.

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