Chaska High School "locking and securing all entrances" day after receiving threat

Yesterday's threat remains under investigation, and in the meantime, Chaska High School officials are taking no chances.
Yesterday's threat remains under investigation, and in the meantime, Chaska High School officials are taking no chances.
Image by Tatiana Craine

Yesterday, Chaska High School received some sort of threat, prompting administrators to lock down the school, cancel classes, and send students home for the day around 10:30 a.m.

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The school isn't quite back to normal today. A statement released by Principal David Brecht this morning says that while classes are being held, the school has an "additional police presence" and all entrances will remain locked and secured throughout the school day.

Here's the entirety of Brecht's statement:

Good Morning. This is Mr. Brecht from Chaska High School with a brief update. We had a normal start of the school day after a stressful day yesterday. I told our students and staff that I appreciated their behavior and responses yesterday. We debriefed with our staff yesterday afternoon, staff were ensuring students were safe throughout the building. This is why we practice drills throughout the year and we have safety plans in place.

As we mentioned we have additional police presence at school today. As an added precaution, we will be locking and securing all entrances to the school and the school day inside will continue as normal. Police are continuing to investigate yesterday's threat. At this time, we have no information that substantiates anything in the threat, but this is an ongoing investigation.

I told students today that safety is everyone's responsibility. Anything suspicious should be reported to and adult at school. I will continue give you updates as needed. We appreciate your support of Chaska High School.

A WCCO report describes what the scene inside Chaska High was like yesterday:

Students were just arriving at Chaska High School, located on the 500 block of Pioneer Trail, when they heard the lockdown announcement. Student Taylor Mueller said it came over the loudspeaker.

"They were like it's an internal lockdown...get to a classroom, it's not a drill," she said.

Another student, Tanner Kolle, described the experience as "pretty terrifying," because the school didn't give students "much information at all."

Police searched the building. One student posted a picture of an officer armed with an assault rifle on Twitter. Anxious parents like Greg Thompson waited outside.

"With all the stuff that has been going on lately, it's a little scary," he said.

His daughter, Samantha, had been texting him during the lockdown.

"Our texts go back and forth, and she said: 'Dad, I am scared' and you don't like to hear that from any of your children," Thompson said.

Finally, the all-clear call came.

"They finally told us cops were coming to the classroom, and we felt better about that announcement 'cause we kind of new it was more safe now," said student Katie Betker.

The Star Tribune reports that students "sat silently on the floor in the dark for three hours." Unfortunately, so it goes in American schools in a post-Newtown world.

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