Chase the MPD K-9 gets posthumous award today

Chase the MPD K-9 gets posthumous award today

Way down at the bottom of the list of folks receiving Minneapolis Police Department awards today, there's a dog, and he's getting the highest award the department can give: Chase died last year while helping officers track down suspected copper thieves in the old Jaguar dealership on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. For his service he'll be awarded the Medal of Honor today. He's the third Minneapolis K-9 to receive the award.

Here's today's award recipients:

MPD Citizen's Award Certificate

  • Jennifer Eilers
  • Russell Gullickson

Chief's Award of Merit

  • U.S. Deputy Marshal Mutschler
  • U.S. Deputy Marshal Wenzel
  • Lieutenant Matt Clark
  • Lieutenant Tom Rice
  • Lieutenant William Whisney
  • Sergeant Chris Granger
  • Sergeant Allen Kramer
  • Sergeant Nicholas Torborg
  • Sergeant Michael Young
  • Officer Danyelle De Rose
  • Officer Michael Doran
  • Officer Mark Durand
  • Officer Danny Hicks
  • Officer Ann Martin
  • Officer Dean Milner
  • Officer Eric Nelson
  • Officer Cheri Petersen
  • Officer Kara Peterson
  • Officer Michael Primozich
  • Christine Hackett
  • Shannon McDonough
  • Mr. Xang Vang
  • Mr. Long Yang

Life Saving

  • Officer Steven Lecy

Medal of Valor

  • Officer Jeffrey Seidl

Medal of Honor

  • K-9 Chase

Another Minneapolis police dog, Shadow, is recovering from stab wounds received during a chase two weeks ago in Blaine.

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