Charlie Rudd gets called up... to God

Martin Luther was famous for nailing, drinking, and wearing puffy hats. No wonder Catholics hated him so. But we doubt the papacy could ever hate Charlie Rudd, the Saints all-time victory leader, and seminary student at Luther. He just left the game, on a mission from God.

The 27-year-old answered a call to Bethel Lutheran in Northfield. He'll take up a position as associate pastor,

according to the Strib.

He hangs up his spikes after a solid career for Bill Murray's boys. He leaves the game with an honest appraisal of his skill:

"I've seen the business side of baseball," Ruud said. "I know that a 5-10, 160-pound righthander who throws 87 [mph] on a good day isn't always what they're looking for. Opportunities for someone like me probably aren't that great."

But the opportunity to absolutely dominate the church-league softball games is still in his reach, along with blessings, and pslams, and all that good stuff.

*photo by nataliemaynor

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