Charles Hall, busy burglar, arrested and charged

Missing something? Ask Charles Hall.

Missing something? Ask Charles Hall.

Charles Hall stole so much stuff you almost have to admire his work ethic. Almost.

Hall, arrested last week on a burglary charge, is suspected of being the man behind 52 thefts and damages to property, totaling more than $100,000 worth of stuff.

Apparently, he really worked at it: Hall's entire suspected spree ran from July 13 to August 3. Hall was arrested August 5 on a warrant, when it was found he matched the description, including the exact same outfit, of the burglar who ransacked an underground garage in south Minneapolis in mid-July.

Now, police think he's the man behind eight other underground garage break-ins, all of them in south Minneapolis, and are asking anyone who's recently had their cars broken into to come forward. 


Around 3:50 a.m. on July 23, Hall broke in to an apartment complex at 2435 Pillsbury Avenue, according to a complaint from the Hennepin County Attorney's office. He took the elevator down to the garage, and was caught on surveillance cameras walking from car to car and looking into the windows.

On that night, Hall didn't get any loot, as a woman drove into the garage around 4:15 a.m. and saw Hall running away and out of the garage. But he's clearly had some success in the last few weeks, according to the police, who claim that Hall stole GPS units, stereos, golf clubs and money from cars, and took bikes from storage lockers.

"The suspect then removed numerous items such as GPS units, stereos, golf clubs and money from the vehicles. In addition, the suspect also broke into secured storage lockers and removed bicycles and other merchandise."

Since Hall was first charged with passing a bad check and theft by swindle -- he pleaded guilty to the former, and the latter was dropped -- in 1990, he's been one of the more arrestable people in the state of Minnesota, with at least 16 other criminal incidents since then.

According to police, Hall has already admitted to some of the crimes that took place during the burglary spree, and the County Attorney's office is looking into additional charges, aside from the two felony burglary charges Hall faces already.