Charles Barkley says Brett Favre "handled himself perfectly"

We know that Charles Barkley doesn't think he's role model. He's blown millions of dollars gambling, after all. He's a convicted drunk driver. He's spat at fans.

So the NBA Hall of Famer is just the guy you want riding to Brett Favre's rescue. Those Deadspin monkey-spanking pictures? Favre has "handled himself perfectly."

Is there a Hall of Fame for Freudian slips?

He made the quip during an interview with USA Today in which he unloaded on media coverage of the Viking gunslinger's alleged sexting episode with Jenn Sterger. And there's more:

"Listen, if Brett Favre sent that woman pictures, it ain't up to me to decide whether that's right or wrong. But it's not a news story. He didn't break any laws. That's between him, the girl and his wife. He's got to answer that," Barkley told USA Today. "It would be totally different if she wanted to file sexual harassment charges against him. But she is not saying anything. The media's trying like hell to make it a story."

Citizens of Nevada, you read that right. The man who dreams of being your governor one day totally down with sexting lewd photos. Just don't get busted and everything's good.


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