Charges: Woman raped near Aamodt's Apple Farm by owner's son

Christopher Aamodt, 31, told police he and the woman had kissed at a bar, and at his place, but nothing else happened.

Christopher Aamodt, 31, told police he and the woman had kissed at a bar, and at his place, but nothing else happened. Washington County Sheriff

Christopher Aamodt, the son of the owner of Aamodt's Apple Farm in Stillwater, Minnesota, has been charged with rape for an incident that occurred near the orchard, a thriving business and popular tourist destination. 

Aamodt, 31, faces one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, with the charge specifying his alleged victim was "mentally impaired" or "physically helpless." The woman had met Aamodt at a bar in Stillwater, where, she later told police, she'd consumed "at least three whiskey sours," according to the charges, which surfaced this week on the Deplorable Housewives of the Midwest blog. 

According to the charges, the victim's family contacted police in the early hours of a November 2016 morning to say she was being "held against her will." The victim had called someone around 2:30 a.m., telling them she was "near an apple orchard with some men she did not know and wanted to go home," the complaint says.

The woman's phone line went dead. She then called from another line and said "one of the males she was with refused to give the address," instead saying he would drop her off at a nearby intersection. She was "upset and crying" during this call, the complaint says, and was not at the given intersection when family arrived there to pick her up.

Police traced the second phone number to an adress near the Aamodt's Apple Farm orchard. When they got there, the woman was in Christopher Aamodt's truck, the complaint says, and ran from it, asking cops to "please take me home." 

Aamodt would tell police that after drinking and making out at a bar, they took a cab, as neither was sober enough to drive. He told police they "kissed a little bit" at his home, but that nothing else happened.

The woman told police she did not remember much from the night, and had woken up wearing leggings that were not hers, with her underwear and pants elsewhere in the home. She was taken to a hospital for a sexual assault nurse examiner test, which found a "laceration in her genital area"; she also reported her rectum was "sore to the touch."

A DNA test later determined semen found on the black leggings matched Christopher Aamodt. The criminal sexual conduct charge was filed by the Washington County Attorney's Office in April. 

Aside from prior speeding offenses, Aamodt has no criminal record in Minnesota. First degree criminal sexual conduct carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and/or a $40,000 fine.