Charges: St. Paul's Allie Heutmaker ran Vikings/Packers tickets scam on roughly half the internet

Allie Heutmaker of St. Paul reportedly told a lot of folks on social media that she had Vikings tickets. Spoiler alert: She did not.

Allie Heutmaker of St. Paul reportedly told a lot of folks on social media that she had Vikings tickets. Spoiler alert: She did not. Carlos Gonzales, Star Tribune

If you happened to be unlucky enough over the past year, you might have gotten a Facebook message from Allie Heutmaker, a former River Falls resident who now lives in St. Paul.

The message usually started with an informal “Hey.” Then she’d ask if you were interested in the upcoming Vikings or Packers game, because she had a $70 ticket with your name on it.

“Let me know if you wanna roll!” she said in a message screenshotted last May.

According to a complaint filed in Dakota County District Court last month, police got more than 20 reports of messages like these. You guessed it: Folks would pay Heutmaker, usually with Venmo or Facebook Pay... and there would be no ticket, no refund, and no follow-up.

“In total, [Heutmaker] swindled those individuals in excess of $3,000,” the complaint says.

Reports started pouring in around December, and Mendota Heights Police called Heutmaker, who admitted there had never been any tickets, according to the complaint.

Now she has not one, but two court complaints against her—one in Dakota County and another in St. Croix County, which claims about 52 people came forward in a private Facebook group to claim Heutmaker cheated them out of nearly $15,300. She’s being charged with theft by swindle and false representation.

The announcement has been sending a ripple through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including some of her alleged victims.

“I thought I was a college friend of hers and yet I got scammed by her,” Sara Otto, a member of the River Falls Community Facebook group, posted in December. “She gives a very convincing story that she is a nanny of a very well-off family over in the metro area who has season tickets.”

“She scammed several friends of mine and tried to get me too,” Brian Marette tweeted Tuesday. “She tried to get me on Vikings vs. Broncos tix in a meeting at Target Shoreview. She had three different stories about why she didn’t have the tickets but needed the money. When I questioned a few times, she left and blocked me on everything.”

“I think this is the same person that scammed my daughter!” a commenter responded.

Many postings don’t carry any hope they’ll get their money back, though most said it was “about time" for Heutmaker to face consequences.

That remains to be seen. First she has to appear in court, which is supposed to happen in Wisconsin in late April and Minnesota in early June.