Charges: Scott Lindgren carved 'snitch' into teen's chest, posted kidnapping on Snapchat

Scott Lindgren, 21, previously had a criminal record that didn't include any violent charges.

Scott Lindgren, 21, previously had a criminal record that didn't include any violent charges. Carlton County

Ever heard of Silver Brook Township, Minnesota?

If you answer in the negative, as most people will, then the Iron Range town (population about 700) is about to get a very bad reputation in your mind, based on a single brutal crime committed earlier this week.

Scott Lindgren, 21, was charged in Carlton County on Thursday for kidnapping and torturing a 17-year-old, the Duluth News Tribune reports. According to the criminal complaint, Lindgren was obviously trying to use his abuse of the teenager to send a message: At some point during the ordeal, he reportedly posted an image of his victim -- tied to a chair, a bag over his head -- on Snapchat.

Lindgren is also accused of carving the word "snitch" into his victim's chest. 

Lindgren has numerous convictions for marijuana possession or drug paraphanelia in his criminal record, and last year pleaded guilty to a loaded firearms charge and received a petty misdemeanor-level sentence; none of his previous criminal charges included violence.

This one includes a lot: The victim, who lives in Duluth, suffered burn marks on his neck and a "head and brain injury" from being assaulted with a pistol. Police only became aware of the kidnapping when someone called to report a teenager "in really bad shape, tied to a chair and getting his head stomped on."

Speaking from a hospital room, the victim told police Lindgren and two accomplices had assaulted him "throughout the day" on Monday. It was Lindgren, the victim says, who used an "unknown sharp object" to carve the word "snitch" into his chest.

When police answered the call, the victim was in the backseat of Lindgren's car, "needing medical attention," as Lindgren and his girlfriend (!) attempted to get away from Lindgren's residence.

Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake says investigators are still seeking additional witnesses and participants, and are asking for the public's assistance tracking them down.

Lindgren faces seven felonies for his role as the apparent ringleader in the incident, including two counts of kidnapping. According to Minnesota statute, a kidnapping in which the victim "is not released in a safe place, or if the victim suffers great bodily harm during the course of the kidnapping" carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.