Charges: Man dressed as man followed kids into public bathroom


Jeffrey Gerdes, a 28-year-old Maple Grove man, has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and violations of privacy for the unsettling behavior he allegedly engaged in on June 18.

During a youth baseball tournament in Brainerd, Gerdes, who works as school nurse for two elementary schools — one in Anoka, one in Coon Rapids — was seen following one boy into a public restroom, and following him back out when he left, the Maple Grove Press & News reports. 

Later, Gerdes was said to have done the exact same thing as another boy entered the restroom. The second time seemed like enough of a pattern for a parent to confront Gerdes, who tried leaving the area. 

When police questioned Gerdes, he claimed he had a friend whose child was playing for one of the teams, but then offered a name that didn't check out for any of the teams. According to the felony criminal complaint filed in Crow Wing County, Gerdes was seen at the same public area, engaging in the same behavior, during a baseball tournament held the previous weekend. 

Gerdes' status with the school Anoka-Hennepin School District is in limbo, pending administrators' review of his case and employment history with the schools. He has only worked at area elementary schools since March 2015.

If convicted of the felony charge of privacy interference, Gerdes is looking at up to two years in prison and a $4,000 fine. His misdemeanor counts of privacy interference and disorderly conduct carry maximum sentences of one year in prison and 90 days in jail, respectively.

Jeffrey Gerdes was observed behaving similarly a week before.

Jeffrey Gerdes was observed behaving similarly a week before.

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