Charges: Kelvin Porter stabbed, bit random victim because he 'hates Muslims'

Kelvin Porter told police exactly why he'd attacked his random victim.

Kelvin Porter told police exactly why he'd attacked his random victim.

When they caught Kelvin Porter, still "agitated" and holding a knife, Minneapolis cops didn't have to wait long to learn his motivations for stabbing a dark-skinned victim in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. 

On the ride to jail, Porter, a 37-year-old with a lengthy and varied rap sheet, offered a simple explanation.

"I tried to stab the Somalian in the neck," Porter told police, according to charges from the Hennepin County Attorney's office. "I hate Muslims."

Fortunately for the victim, Porter's attempt failed: The man Porter targeted was found with cuts to his hands — defensive wounds from fighting Porter off — forehead, and ear, which paramedics treated at the scene. At one point in the altercation, a video camera observing the sidewalk scene caught Porter "biting the victim on the face."

The victim, whom Porter's accomplice also "threw a rubbish bin at," told cops he was "trying to mind his own business" when Porter came at him. He was eventually able to strike back at Porter and break free, escaping on foot.

Porter's accomplice said Porter made "gang-related comments" when he approached the victim. 

Porter has an extensive criminal history, with convictions for burglary, weapons possession, and multiple assaults to his name. 

For his recent attack, he faces a single count of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. Typically, that crime carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine, though Porter's sentence could be enhanced if it's determined his attack was motivated by "bias or hate" — meaning he might come to regret that time when he told cops "I hate Muslims."