Charges: Chaska gun owner Luke Campbell fired into Highway 169 traffic to 'relieve stress'

Scott County

Scott County

Stress is a killer. 

It seems almost every day now, scientists are trotting out  new research that connects stress and death. High blood pressure, heart disease, mental health. Across the board, stress is a major health risk.

Here's a tip: Try  to find a way to relieve your stress that's not potentially deadly for everyone else.

This lesson is being learned by one Luke Campbell, 28, of Chaska, whose colorful recent criminal history is detailed in a Star Tribune story. Campbell was charged this week for shooting into a Metro Mobility bus back on March 7, while Campbell was also driving on Highway 169.

One of Campbell's bullets struck a Metro Mobility passenger in the chest. (The man survived.) This is turning into something of a pattern for Campbell. Back in June, he was arrested for shooting, apparently randomly, at another car on Highway 169, while Campbell rode his motorcyle. His bullet pierced one of the car's doors and blew out a tire, but the terrorized driver escaped unharmed.

Cops in Shakopee are aware of Campbell's history of shooting guns at passing cars, both as a motorist and while he watches from an overpass.

Why? Says the Strib: "A witness told police that Campbell likes to shoot his gun in high-traffic areas because it 'relieves stress.'"

When he was arrested most recently, one of Campbell's crimes was illegal possession of a firearm. 

Luke? A suggestion? 

Campbell's unprompted shooting of the Metro Mobility bus has led to serious charges in Scott County court, including first- and second-degree assault, and drive-by shooting. He's still in jail there, pending a bail hearing next week.

His continuing stay in lock-up undoubtedly means a little less stress for all the drivers on Highway 169.