Charges: Armed robbers in north Minneapolis got nothing, killed man, forgot their car keys


Anthony Hill-Prowell, 28, was gunned down in his home at 3506 Emerson Ave. N. on Sunday.

Hill-Prowell was able to tell Minneapolis police the shooting involved his friend, 29-year-old Antwion Crawford, before dying at North Memorial Medical Center.

Crawford and his alleged accomplice, 31-year-old Kevin Jones, fled to Omaha, Nebraska, where they have since been captured. Both are awaiting transfer to Minnesota.

According to criminal complaints, officers following a woman’s screaming found Hill-Prowell lying on his kitchen floor with a gunshot wound in his back.

A female witness sitting beside him said she’d been visiting Hill-Prowell so he could spend time with the five-year-old son they shared, and to "reconcile their relationship." Hill-Prowell got a phone call, and told the caller to meet him at the back door, where he let two men into the house. The witness went upstairs, where she overheard Hill-Prowell telling the men he didn’t have any money or weed.

She returned back downstairs to see one of the men, later identified as Jones, pistol whip Hill-Prowell. The woman heard Crawford say, “Bitch what did you think this was,” according to the complaint, before shots rang out. She fingered Jones as the shooter.

The duo rushed out the door, leaving behind their car keys, and a backpack with cash and marijuana. Unable to get back inside their car, the two were caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera running down Emerson Avenue. Crawford later came back looking for the keys, but couldn't find them.

Police seized the car, and discovered a backpack in the back seat holding Jones’ license, as well as a probationary interstate travel permit issued in Nebraska. They found the car was registered to a woman who in 2016 reported a domestic assault by Crawford. She told police the car had been stolen.

When charges were filed against Crawford and Jones on Monday, police weren’t sure where they’d gone. By Wednesday they’d been found in Omaha and arrested. Each is charged with second-degree murder, which carries a minimum three-year sentence and a maximum of 40 years if found guilty.